Fine quality and condition antique jewellery, rare silver and object d art

Category: Suffragette

J301 A fine 18ct gold and platinum hexagonal cut Siberian amethyst emerald and diamond Suffragette pendant c1910 Band C

J093 15ct gold amethyst pearl and peridot “Suffragette” pendant c1910 Band C

J038 15ct gold amethyst peridot and pearl Suffragette pendant c1910 £1450

J017 An exceptional platinum natural pearl, diamond, amethyst and peridot enamelled Suffragette necklace C1910 Band E

J028 15ct gold peridot pink tourmaline and pearl “Suffragette” necklace c1910 Band C

H507 A fine 15ct 2 colour gold gem set Suffragette pendant c1910 Band C

H252 15ct gold cannetille peridot ruby and pearl suffragette pendant c1910 Band C