Fine quality and condition antique jewellery, rare silver and object d art

Category: Pendants

A fine 15ct gold and platinum peridot pearl and plique a jour enamel pendant by Saunders & Shepherd

15ct gold Suffragette coloured pendant/brooch set with 3 amethysts pearls and a peridot drop

15ct gold heart cut amethyst pearl and peridot Suffragette colour pendant

15ct gold amethyst pearl and peridot Suffragette coloured pendant

A fine 15ct gold pink topaz pearl and tourmaline Suffragette coloured pendant

15ct gold pentagon cut peridot pearl and amethyst Suffragette coloured pendant/brooch

15ct gold and platinum amethst and pearl pendant

A fine 18ct gold Siberian amethyst pearl and diamond pendant

A fine and scarce 18ct gold Georgian multi gem set “butterfly” locket

A fine platinum natural green jade and diamond pendant with hinged clasp

15ct rose gold multi gem Art Nouveau pendant

15ct gold amethyst peridot and pearl Suffragette coloured pendant