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Category: Pendants

18ct gold and platinum diamond cluster pendant

15ct gold peridot tourmaline and pearl Suffragette pendant/brooch

9ct gold amethyst ,peridot and enamel Suffragette coloured pendand

A scarce 18ct gold Etruscan revival ” Amorino ” angel pendant on the original chain by Giacinto Melillo

A fine 18ct gold Ceylon sapphire and diamond flower pendant/brooch

18ct gold and platinum star sapphire and diamond drop pendant

15ct 2 colour gold heart shaped swallow pendant with green eyes

9ct gold amethyst peridot and pearl Suffragette coloured pendant/brooch

15ct gold peridot, pearl and sapphire latice work pendant

15ct gold peridot and pearl pendant

15ct gold ruby and opal pendant

14ct gold sapphire and pearl pendant