Fine quality and condition antique jewellery, rare silver and object d art

Category: Pendants

A Russian 56 zolotnic demantoid garnet, sapphire and pearl pendant Moscow 1908-17

A fine 18ct gold and platinum guilloche enamel and diamond locket

18ct gold and platinum ruby and diamond heart pendant

15ct heavy gold green enamelled “teddy” bear pendant

An 18th century Colombian emerald and diamond flower pendant

A pretty platinum sapphire and diamond pendant

A fine 15ct gold and platinum peridot pearl and plique a jour enamel pendant by Saunders & Shepherd

15ct gold Suffragette coloured pendant/brooch set with 3 amethysts pearls and a peridot drop

15ct gold heart cut amethyst pearl and peridot Suffragette colour pendant

15ct gold amethyst pearl and peridot Suffragette coloured pendant

A fine 15ct gold pink topaz pearl and tourmaline Suffragette coloured pendant

15ct gold pentagon cut peridot pearl and amethyst Suffragette coloured pendant/brooch