Fine quality and condition antique jewellery, rare silver and object d art

Category: Brooches

J574 A 15ct gold red/purple garnet, Russian demantoid garnet and pearl “Suffragette” brooch c1910 £885

J552 An exceptional quality and condition 18ct gold Colombian calibrated emerald diamond and natural pearl brooch c1910 Band E

J544 A fine quality and condition 18ct gold sapphire and pearl flower circle brooch c1900 £985

J549 A fine and unusual 15ct gold multi gem set fly brooch with 3 smaller flies c1900 Band C

J541 15ct gold natural pearl and diamond rock crystal heart pendant/brooch c1895 Band D

J559 15ct gold heart shaped green stone and pearl brooch c1910 £485

J548 A pretty 15ct gold opal, pearl and Russian demantoid garnet clover brooch c1905 £885

J550 .15ct gold tourmaline and pearl “Suffragette” pendant/brooch by Liberty & Co c1910 Band C

J547 A 15ct gold Victorian brooch set with 5 Scottish highland stones c1880 Band C

J516 A 15ct gold tigers eye tortoise brooch set with diamonds and ruby eyes c1890 Band D

J495 15ct gold multi gem set “bee” brooch by Hamilton & inches in the original case c1890 Band C

J487 A fine 18ct gold pink sapphire (0.75cts approx) and diamond (5.00 cts dia’s min) brooch c1900 Band E